Saving Dinner: Menu planning made easy


Let me share two fundamental truths about myself: 1. I hate to cook. 2. I absolutely detest grocery shopping. This wasn’t always the case, but that’s where I am today. You will never find me whipping up a home made pie using my super-secret recipe lovingly copied from my great-great-great gandmother’s recipe book. (well, maybe […]

Ballard’s Dining Room: The Look for Less!


Do you get catalogs in the mail? I do, and I look through them over and over again! I get Ballards, Front Gate, Crate and Barrel, etc, etc.  The last several Ballards I’ve looked at have this dining room in them, and I WANT IT!  I love everything about it, every color, every stick of […]

5 Reasons to Start a Crafty Business

5 Reasons sq

From Hobby to Crafty Business I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide, “Hey, I think I’ll start a crafts business!” It was a gradual thing, going from an occasional creative effort, to having a “hobby booth” at a marketplace, to a realization that I would rather be doing this than working at my […]

A Paper Wreath from Old Hymnals


Today, I decided to start making some wreaths for Christmas. “Christmas!” you say. Yup, it will be here sooner than you think. Last year I didn’t start thinking about Christmas until around Halloween. And I found out that is way too late to be thinking about Christmas if you are going to try and stock […]

How to Make an Awning


Use Awnings as a Focal Point Today I am working on a project for a display in one of my shops, an awning. I’m hanging it to draw attention to one of my displays. But it occurs to me that this would be really cute in a lot of different places in a home. Hang […]

Learn to Paint Furniture Refinishing Workshop


This SaturdayI taught the Furniture Refinishing workshop at Two Hip Chicks. Although it was a small class, we had a lot of fun! Phyllis brought a great bedside table with good bones, but about 20 years worth of hard wear!  She painted her table with Country Chic “Cheesecake, with an overcoat of Antiquing Wax. Here’s […]

Monthly Home Maintenance – Do it in 20 minutes!


I admit, I am a creature of habit.  So, the first of every month (or pretty close to it), I have a short list of things I do to help keep the house in good repair, and everything working as it should.  Well, today I was over at a friends house, and  her kitchen sink […]

How to mix Stained and Painted Furniture Finishes

wood and paint 1

Last weekend I was watching an episode of “Flea Market Flip,” a show where two teams buy items at a flea market, fix them up, and then try to make the most money reselling them.  In this episode, one team was two girls, and the other team was two guys.  And predicatably, the guys refinished […]

A Jewelry Hanger with Chalky Finish Paint

A Jewelry Hanger with Chalky Paint

  A little while ago, I applied to be a member of the DecoArt Blogger Team, and to my delight I was accepted!  The first thing I did was email DecoArt and tell them all about the jewelry hanger I wanted to make, and they were kind enough to send me some of their great new […]