An Upholstered Wall Treatment (in less than an hour!)

Upholster a wall

I really wanted a nice dresser. And shortly before we moved into our current 1940’s bungalow, I had found one at an estate sale; so new the knobs still had plastic on them, and TEN drawers for me and dear hubby; big enough for everything we need to put in it! But it didn’t fit on […]

Repair a Foundation Corner

Corner pop feature

A Mason I am not. But when my Realtor hubby asked me to help him repair a foundation corner pop, I figured I could probably handle it. A “corner pop” is when the corner of a house’s foundation cracks, and pops off. This isn’t usually a structural issue, but it can cause a few problems. […]

On Being Less Busy & My New Bullet Journal

Be less busy and more productive with Bullet Journaling

On of the main tenets of Simple Living is to live life at a reasonable pace. In the theoretical, I get that, I really do.  I just have trouble putting it into practice.  So around October, I found myself busier than I could really handle, and the last three months have been brutal. I launched […]

Oh, Christmas Tree! Holiday Blog Hop

Oh, Christmas Trees! Blog Hop

Thanks for stopping by our Holiday Blog Hop!  If you’re looking for inspiration for your tree, DIY ornaments, or just want to see some really gorgeous, fun, and creative  Christmas trees, then you’ll LOVE the hop, “Oh, Christmas Trees!” Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to follow the links at the end of the […]

Mercury Mason Jars in a Rustic Tray

Mercury Masons Jars and a Rustic Tray

Welcome to the 4th Annual Handmade Holidays Blog Hop! A few years ago we were looking online for handmade gift ideas and thought it would be great if there was a resource dedicated JUST to handmade gift ideas. Enter the Handmade Holidays hop! We’ve gathered over 100 of our creative blogger friends in the craft industry […]

A Christmas Chalkboard


A Chalkboard for Christmas I love the hand-lettered look of a chalkboard. They are just too cute, and there is so much you can do with them. Fortunately, Thanks to Picmonkey, Paint Shop Pro,  and white graphite paper, making a chalkboard is super-simple! The trick is tracing the design, rather than trying to draw it […]

Project 333: Right-sizing a Wardrobe

Project 333, simplify your wardrobe

I want to start living a simpler life. Perhaps the easiest way to start is to get rid of some of the excess “stuff” in my life.  Now let me mention that I intially thought this would be a pretty simple project because I don’t consider myself my packrat. I was wrong.  I needed some help. […]

Home Tour: The Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Kitchen Tour

The Already Done Kitchen (and totally neglected Breakfast Nook) Apparently, the kitchen needed some work before we moved in, because it was already renovated when we got here, and there isn’t much I would change. I love the vintage look of the cabinets, I really love that they go all the way to the ceiling, […]

Simple Living: A Series

Simple living feature

A Series on Living Simply I want to share something that I’ve learned. The American Dream is a Fallacy. Or at least the modern interpretation of that dream has become twisted.  Our forebearers came looking for prosperity in the truest sense of the word; an opportunity to grow, thrive, and flourish on new soil. Most didn’t come […]

Make a Faux Zinc & Burlap Storage Box!

Storage Box Pin

Happy Friday Eve, Everyone! Today I’m over at Refunk My Junk with a guest post on how to make a super-cute, and super easy storage box with a faux zinc lid. So hop on over, and say “Hi” to Alli! Related posts: Make these Jute Covered Storage Jars! A Tale of Two Tables No-sew Burlap Curtains for […]