Project 333: Right-sizing a Wardrobe

Project 333, simplify your wardrobe

I want to start living a simpler life. Perhaps the easiest way to start is to get rid of some of the excess “stuff” in my life.  Now let me mention that I intially thought this would be a pretty simple project because I don’t consider myself my packrat. I was wrong.  I needed some help. […]

Home Tour: The Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Kitchen Tour

The Already Done Kitchen (and totally neglected Breakfast Nook) Apparently, the kitchen needed some work before we moved in, because it was already renovated when we got here, and there isn’t much I would change. I love the vintage look of the cabinets, I really love that they go all the way to the ceiling, […]

Simple Living: A Series

Simple living feature

A Series on Living Simply I want to share something that I’ve learned. The American Dream is a Fallacy. Or at least the modern interpretation of that dream has become twisted.  Our forebearers came looking for prosperity in the truest sense of the word; an opportunity to grow, thrive, and flourish on new soil. Most didn’t come […]

Make a Faux Zinc & Burlap Storage Box!

Storage Box Pin

Happy Friday Eve, Everyone! Today I’m over at Refunk My Junk with a guest post on how to make these super-cute, and super easy storage boxes with a faux zinc lid. So hop on over, and say “Hi” to Alli! Related posts: A Tale of Two Tables Make these Jute Covered Storage Jars! Burlap Bows and […]

Ten Great Reasons to Live Smaller

Living Smaller Feature

I want to live in a tiny house. Or, to be more specific, I want to live in a “micro” house. A tiny house is loosely defined as 300 square feet or less, and I’d like to have about a 550 SF house.  And a shop big enough to accomodate my crafty business and DH’s […]

Shadowbox from a vintage drawer


For a junker, I’m really not much of a hoarder. Really. If I can’t use it in three months or so, its outta here. I don’t have the space to hoard. A short while back, I restored a Duncan-Phyfe table, and had two small drawers left. They were too cute to throw away, but they […]

A Wreath for All Seasons

A wreath for all seasons from

Fall Means Wreaths At least, for me it does. But wreaths are really pretty awesome all year around. So, I decided I was going to make a wreath that I could use all the time, not just in Fall. Yes, I know that your are thinking ” But that’s a Fall Wreath. Well, so it is […]

Renew old drawers in 3 easy steps!

Renewed dresser drawers

A Great New Dresser I got this awesome vintage dresser from a friend who picked it up from a friend, who picked it up while pickin’! It has a home now. No more traveling for this little chest of drawers.  I can’t take credit for the finish, it came to me this way. I love the […]

The Look for Less: at Walmart?!

Walmart for home Decor

First, let me say that if you are a name dropper, this post is not for you. If you HAVE to have the name brand stamped or sewn into all the things in your house, you may scoff at my excitement over what I found at Walmart. For those of us who have champagne taste and […]